12-core optical cable fiber distribution box

  • 12 core optical fiber distribution box is used for the fusion splicing, splitting, wiring transmission and other functions of the optical transmission terminal. It can effectively terminate, protect and manage the optical cable. It is a necessary equipment in network transmission.
  • Melt receive flip type design simple to use, melting with complete separation of fine points fibre layout more reasonable.
  • Made of PC+ABS, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-aging, protection grade IP65.
  • Size: 240 * 220 * 6mm, simple structure, easy to operate, the package content includes: 1×12 core FTTH optical fiber distribution box; 12 x optical fiber plugs; installation accessories
  • It is suitable for the distribution frame of optical cable and optical communication equipment. Through the adapter in the distribution box, the optical signal is led out by the optical jumper to realize the optical wiring function. for the protective connection of optical cables and distribution pigtails. It is also for the optical fiber terminal point in the optical fiber access network. suitable for a variety of use scenarios: indoor, wood, wall, hanging rod,FTTH fiber to the home

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